2021 Best PMP Book – Review Of PMP Exam Book

Are you planning to prepare for the PMP Exam? Having a PMP certification can open up a plethora of opportunities for you. Recent studies even reveal that PMP-certified project managers have much higher project success than non-certified professionals. 

So, if you’re wondering if a PMP certification is worth the effort, time, and money, here are some reasons why you should definitely start your PMP Exam Prep 2021

  • Adds value to your resume- PMP is one of the most valued project management certifications. Companies will prefer shortlisting candidates with a PMP certification rather than someone without it. 
  • Enhances career opportunity- Recent PMI-commissioned analysis concluded that by 2027, project management roles will see a huge demand. The industry will require 88 million individuals for project management-oriented positions. A considerable demand indicates higher job opportunities. With a PMP certification, you remain ahead in the race.
  • Develop more skills- PMP Exam and certification opens the door to learn new skills to enhance your knowledge and paves the way for career growth. To pass the exam, you need to understand and know each methodology used in the project management domain. 
  • Demonstrates your diligence and dedication- Earning a PMP certification requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Even being eligible for the exams requires at least 36 months of experience with a Bachelor’s degree. 

Now that you’re aware of the importance of PMP certification, let’s find out how you can pass the exam at the initial attempt.

PMP Exam Prep 2021

The PMP examination is one of the most difficult exams to crack. However, with the best PMP book, practicalMicrosoft Project guide, the right strategy, and dedication, you can surely earn your certificate on the first attempt. 

Criteria To Appear For The PMP Exam 

You need to fulfil either of the two criteria to appear in the exam-

  • Criteria I – 35 hours of management-related education + 7600 hours of work experience in a project management role. 
  • Criteria II – 4-year degree + 4,500 hours of experience as a project leader + 35 hours of project management training

To apply for the PMP exam, you need to visit and register on the PMI official website. Both PMI and non-PMI members need to pay the exam fees. 

How To Start Your PMP Exam Prep 2021?

You need to start planning and working hard in advance to succeed in the PMP Exam. Previously, five domains were covered in the PMP Exam: project initiation, strategic planning, execution, project monitoring, and closing. 

However, with the new PMP exam format, candidates must have expertise in three domains: Process (50%), People (42%), and lastly, Business Environment (8%). 

Also, with the new format, more focus is given on agile and hybrid approaches. Candidates who previous experience in these domains would have a good chance to clear the exam.    

The exam comprises 200 multiple-choice questions related to various aspects of project management. 

Books dedicated to the PMP exam covering almost every relevant topic, with simple language and rigorous exercises, can be your savior.  

What Is The Best PMP Book To Succeed In the 2021 Exam?

If you’re searching for a comprehensive study guide, then All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit is your solution. 

Authored by Darron A. Clark (certified Project Management Professional with PMP, EMBA, BSEET, and BSCS qualifications), the book caters to almost every type of learner. The book follows 5 unique teaching methodology-

  • Oral
  • Visual
  • Texting
  • Language Memorization

Features Of The Best PMP Book-

  • Summarizations of the important primary topics included in the PMP Pamphlet
  • All PMP processes and knowledge areas discussed to accustom you to the PMP language
  • Consists of over 1300 exam questions, answers, and explanations  
  • 240 flashcards included in the kit to learn the terms and methodologies quickly and effortlessly 
  • Five comprehensive mock exams   
  • PMP templates for practical understanding of project management principles and methods.
  • 780 pages encompass every aspect of the PMP exam syllabus to make you the master of project management. 
  • The book also highlights agile and hybrid content. 

Now that you know all the resources to crack your PMP exams, start your preparation today. 

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